Importance of Education in the 21st Century

It is no doubt that education is a basic human right and every human being is entitled to be educated and taught things that will help him/her live in a civilized society. This might be the nth time you are reading or listening to someone say education is very important. But why is education really important and relevant, especially in the 21st century? Read on to know.

1. Knowledge

First and foremost, one needs education, at least a bit of formal education to have a strong foundation of knowledge about the world we live in. One must have the basic knowledge of health, food, society, civilization, nation, money and other things like this that are mandatory for a decent living. Education fills this knowledge gap in a very systematic manner and prepares us for life. All of these things might seem silly once we grow up, but once upon a time when we were kids, these were ingrained in our brains without our knowledge.

2. Identity

Every human being is unique and gifted with a skill, talent or special ability. Every human being has his/her own identity and it is education that helps us realize our true identities. Education helps us identify ourselves with the society and understand where we stand and in comparison to what. The realities of life are so beautifully presented to us that we start exploring ourselves inwardly and give an identity to ourselves. Moreover, society too gives you an identity of its own and your educational qualification plays a major role in the identity you earn for yourself.

3. Financial and Social Security

Education helps us have a steady financial and social security. Without basic education it will be impossible for one to manage his/her finances. Even basic things like signing a check, creating a bank account, credit & debit seem complex and difficult to understand. If you want to lead an independent and fearless life, financial security is very important. Education is also important for social security as it fills confidence in you and places you in a particular stratum of society where you don’t have to command for respect and dignity, whereas it is automatically granted to you.

4. Job Security

Thirdly, in the competitive world we live in today, securing a job without basic education is painfully difficult. Education enables us to communicate with people, understand languages, process transactions and comply with regulations. Without formal education, employees might never believe that you are capable of sustaining a steady job. Education in fact plays the most important role in securing a job, higher the education, higher the job status.

5. Helps You Find a Purpose

Lastly, education exposes to you a multitude of thoughts, views, opinions and people. Knowingly or unknowingly they will have a profound influence on you and subconsciously guide you to perceive life in a particular way. If you are educated and well aware of knows and how of the world you live in, you will have clarity about what you are doing and what you will be doing, and eventually you will find the purpose of your life.

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